When Parents Need Mobile Spy Software

mobile spyAs a parent, I want my kids to have smartphones for a variety of reasons. A couple of those reasons are for safety and the fact that they can be a useful tool for organizing, web research, and taking their own photos for sharing.

However, kids don’t always see eye-to-eye with their parents and use their smartphones for purposes that are inappropriate. This is why I purchased mobile spy cell phone monitoring software.

Smartphones and Your Kids’ Friends

When my teenager got her smartphone, she was excited about being able to chat with whomever and wherever she wanted. I became concerned because it seemed like she was spending hours chatting away. I would ask who she is chatting with and I wouldn’t get a straight answer.

However, when I purchased my subscription to Mobile Spy and put the cell phone monitoring app on her smartphone, I discovered the truth about who she was exchanging messages with and it was quite enlightening. She was chatting with others and some that were friends I would rather she not associate with.

The Lure of Wasting Time Web Browsing

I like the fact that Mobile Spy cell phone monitoring app also shows me the websites that my daughter visits through her smartphone’s browser. I discovered that during school hours she was browsing websites with pop news or spending an inordinate amount of time on Facebook.

Knowing the truth about this, it gave me the facts I needed to visit her teachers and ask them to pay attention if they see her on her smartphone during class time.

Protecting from the Strangers

facebook messengerFacebook is nice for connecting with friends both current and past, catching up on the latest news, sharing funny tidbits, and more but it is also a way for strangers to make contact with your kids.

My daughter enjoys Facebook as do her friends but because of Mobile Spy app I could see that she was flirting with male friends that I had no idea who they were. It turns out some of them are many years older than her as well.

All it took was taking a look at her friends when I logged into my Facebook account and asking her why she had these certain friends. Then, it was simply a matter of telling her of the dangers that these strangers pose.

I didn’t need to expose the fact that Mobile Spy app was running on her phone and I could see the Facebook messages anyway. Thus, I maintained stealth monitoring.

Photos Can Cause Problems

The problem with photos is that kids like to share too much and in doing so they invite all sorts of potential troubles. My daughter was taking revealing self-shots with her smartphone and sharing them on Twitter thus inviting all sorts of strange followers.

She deleted the photos but because Mobile Spy cell phone monitoring software captures them before deletion I saw what she was doing anyway. I just told her that I saw these pictures and again I educated her on how they attract predators.

You might ask how you can maintain the undetected cell phone monitoring capability of Mobile Spy while exposing what you know about your teenager’s activities. It’s simple. I would just pick up my daughter’s smartphone when she laid it on the table and casually glance at it.

With Mobile Spy cell phone monitoring software, I already knew what I was looking for because I saw it in the control panel. I would ask her about friends I saw in her message logs on her smartphone and anything else I needed to even though I already knew.

There are just too many dangers out there without Mobile Spy app running on your kids’ smartphones. Be a proactive parent and get your subscription to this powerful tool before you hand over a smartphone to your child.