Monitor Your Computer With SniperSpy

SniperSpySniperSpy is one of the most comprehensive computer monitoring solution on the market today. It’s the best program that you can use to track every activity on the computer you want to monitor. This application has been utilized by various individuals in many parts of the world. SniperSpy is suitable for both parents and business owners who want to know the truth about their kids and employees. It’s also the cheapest on the market and if you compare it with other computer monitoring software, sniper spy has the most in-depth features that you can benefit from.

If you want to use this application, you can at least buy its basic subscription which will cost you for around $39.97 and that will give you the chance to use the software for 3 months. You can fully realize its full potential and you can monitor all the activities on your remote computer. The standard features of SniperSpy are the following:

  1. Website Tracking – monitor the websites that the user had visited.
  2. Record Keystrokes – this software logs all keystrokes that were executed by the user.
  3.  Track Facebook logs – you can track if the user is accessing Facebook on your computer.
  4. Track MySpace – you can see if the user is visiting MySpace including all the pages that he/she had visited.
  5. Profanity Logs – the software will log all obscene and profane words.
  6. Location Mapping – this will show the location of your pc on a map.
  7. Log Chat Conversations – you can view all the chat conversations on your target computer.
  8. Track Applications – SniperSpy will let you track the applications that were executed by the user.
  9. File and Folder Changes – this software will notify you if there are changes in the files or folders in your computer.
  10. Track File Upload – this feature will give you the means to monitor the files that were uploaded by the user.

The best thing about sniperspy discount code is that they have a lifetime tech support and you can contact their technical team any time of the day and they will gladly help you with any of your concerns. Also, all future updates for the software are free as long as you’re still an active subscriber.